Chiara Capello

Yoga teacher and Visual Artist in Brussels

Kids Yoga

Yoga at school

Yoga at school

Yoga provides children of all ages with a rewarding physical and mental experience by incorporating the core values of Traditional Yoga and the Montessori Teaching Method. Emphasis is placed on educating, empowering and exercising the WHOLE child.
Each class stimulates physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing by encouraging :
Personal, social and emotional development
 Movement and coordination
Communication and language
Knowledge and understanding of the world
Creative development
King cobra

King cobra is fun!

Children who practice Yoga :

Develop strong, flexible and healthy bodies
Become more aware of their breathing and emotions
Increase focus, concentration and attention span
Nurture confidence and self-esteem
Cope with stress more effectively
Relax and sleep better
Learn to respect themselves, others & the world around them
Discover their anatomy & benefits of the poses
Explore their imagination
Build a foundation for lifelong well-being
For more detailed information, visit the web page of Bryony Duckitt at
Available for private classes upon request.
Learning to breath deeply

Learning to breath deeply


Massage train

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Chiara Capello