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Mental Diet? Yes, please!


Hello everybody! I am on 7 days mental diet right now: it is not the first time for me, but it is still a pretty challenging exercise. Let me explain: I observe all the negative thoughts entering my mind.  Then, I  let them pass without focusing on them for more than 7 seconds, otherwise I have to start again the mental diet. Instead, I focus on positive thoughts. This is really hard mental labour that reveals a lot on the functioning of my mind. I have to stay away from many sources of negativity out there, but then I realise that there are situations deeply rooted in myself that also tend to trigger negative thoughts. So, there is a battle and a struggle in my mind, going on and on. In the end, I know that, deeply inside, I am looking for peace. I devoted my daily meditations of this week to that: reconnect to my inner peace, to my inner stillness. The one that is like the depth of the ocean.  Even if at the surface there are waves, wind and agitation, deeply inside there is silence, peace, stillness.


Sometimes, we may be scared to go inside. That’s why we often tend to skip our daily meditation or we lose ourselves (and a lot of time) in any sort of external distraction. We even become dependent to bad habits: watching TV every night, eat sugar or drink wine as a reward for a too stressful life. So, it really looks like there is something wrong in this way of living.  Why do we need all that in the first place? Are we escaping from something deeply inside? Are we scared of that silence? I am committed to enjoy more and more that silence and peace.

If you would like to start meditating, this is the link to my online course on meditation:


“Silence is not empty, it is full of answers”cit.

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