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Yoga and Master key – Week 21


This week, I decided to become more organized (it was the virtue I was focusing on, in my Franklin’s makeover). I succeeded. I also decided to devote more time to my daily meditation and I got interesting insights. I am still working on overcoming fear and especially on practicing forgiveness toward myself. Then, everything reached a new level and I understood that I am the person that I am now, also because of the choices I have done in the past. My law studies were not done for nothing, they can still help me in this new path of being a Yoga teacher and an Artist.

During the week, I felt inspired to watch a you tube video of Swami Sivananda (my Sampoorna yoga lineage comes directly from him), where I discovered that he talks about all the material that we are applying in the Masterkey course. I was moved. He really was an enlightened Being and a yoga Master! You will be amazed! He resumes beautifully all the lessons in this course!! I know that I can combine easily my yogic path to my masterkey path and actually, Yoga brought me in here… I am so grateful for that.

I let now Master Sivananda speak for me, I really advice you to listen to the videos until the end…Om shanti

There comes the second video: enjoy!

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Author: Chiara Capello

Passionate Yoga teacher, painter and lawyer, what a mix!!


  1. Chiara, seeing and getting to know the person you are now I would like to tell you that your choices in the past could not have been that bad. You are a really wonderful person.
    Liane Hack recently posted…Week 22: Healing from withinMy Profile

  2. Thank you Connie! ! You too!

  3. Wishing you great success with makeover – have a great week 22.
    Connie McCracken recently posted…Prayer – thinking good thoughtsMy Profile

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