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Yoga teacher and Visual Artist in Brussels

Starting again Week 1



Here we start again the Masterkey experience full of enthusiasm and energy! I see the new members moving their first steps and I remember well the feeling of being overwhelmed by all the new habits to put in place. The sit (meditating 15 minutes every day), the daily readings, the blog..all can be so challenging, because it is new and can be scary. There can be resistance, but the first good step is to notice it and beat it!No procrastination is allowed. Soon those habits will become part of our daily routine: things will start to flow easily. So, these are words of encouragements from me. I can assure you that your life will change for the better, when you are committed to the work. We all want to be self directed thinkers!It is an amazing reward in itself…

In the meantime, keep shining!

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Author: Chiara Capello

Passionate Yoga teacher, painter and lawyer, what a mix!!


  1. Hey! Great to see another LT member! I love seeing the new students as well. I have two friends doing it and am so excited for them!!

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