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The path to independence


The last weeks have being challenging for me. I had very beautiful holidays, where I gave myself a break that I probably needed, but now, back to the every day reality, everything seems less smooth than before. I noticed that the mind and the energy that we have are directly connected to the food we eat. It is not a new discovery, of course, but I noticed this on my own body, stronger than before. It is linked to sugar. In July last year, I stopped eating any form of sugar and gluten, white wheat, honey, dates etc. At the beginning it was difficult, as sugar is highly addictive, but then I got used to it and my health dramatically improved. I was healthy already before that, but my energy was much lower. During the Easter holidays, I gave myself a break from this way of eating, and now I feel again that my mind is less clear than before, the energy very low. Everything around me changes, when my mind is full of garbage, of course we know that from the Masterkey course. Control your mind and you control your universe, but if the mind is polluted with parasite thoughts, then it is much more difficult to control it. On the contrary, you are controlled, going back to addictions, like the sugar one. So, I know now more than ever that the path of independence is linked not only to my mind and my thoughts, but also to my eating habits as body and mind are related.

Back on track, then! May the force be with me and you, dear reader 😉

I will be happy for your comments, but I have a new mantra that will lead me to gain more independence and it is the following “I am completely independent from positive and negative opinions of others”:) So, I will not take anything personal… For more explanations on affirmations, like the one above, listen to the video of one of my trainers, Binnie A Dansby, a truly inspiring woman.

Have a great day!

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