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How do you talk to yourself? Week 3


During this week, I have being noticing how we are talking to ourselves. I discovered that we have become our worst enemy. We will not allow anyone to talk like that to us, but we keep doing it ourselves. I am really amazed how hard we are on us. I reflected on it, and I noticed that going on on my mind, also when talking to someone on the phone or face to face. Why are we doing that?Why are we so hard on us? There is only one cure: STOP IT! Be the non judgmental observer of your mind, watch your talk, be very mindful, soft, sweet, when you are talking to you. This should really stop or it regularly undermines our self confidence. I know, it may come from our past conditioning, maybe someone was talking like that to us, when we were children…but why continue this? We deserve only the best and we can achieve that, if we start talking to ourselves differently. I believe that the daily practice of meditation can help in observing this bad habit to change it.

Remember that we all are (with no exception): complete, perfect, strong, harmonious, powerful, loving and happy! This is something worth repeating to ourselves every day.

I leave you for now with a funny video to reflect a bit and especially to laugh:)

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