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Silence in and out Week 22


I just had another very interesting week, very full. As I started reading Scroll VI of Og Mandino’s book, I feel emotionally charged and I change my emotions quite frequently. I look strange for my family members. It was never like that in my life before. Probably, with this course, I am changing so much, being in the process of letting my old self die. I also think I really need to learn to be the Master of my emotions. I appreciate a lot the proposal made by Mark J. to find space and time to spend 3 days in silence. It is much needed! My head is so full with all the things I learn recently.  I need time to assimilate them, to digest them..I used to do that when I was young. I always appreciated to be alone and in silence. I could find myself. Then, all the commitments of work and family, did not make space for me to do that again.

I  then decided to book a flight for the weekend to Nice, my favorite place on earth, where I would like to live in the future and where I lived in the past. I could not believe how easy was to organize that. I immediately found cheap flights (amazing! Only few days before departure), I found a good hotel and a babysitter for my kids. Everything fell into place easily. Tomorrow, I will go…I am dreaming about that. To be alone and silent, meditating near the sea in the sun…walking around, searching for the perfect house I would like to live in…it will become my reality. It will manifest,  I am sure. I will also take advantage of that moment to do a bit of cleansing and fasting, as spring is approaching and my body needs to heal, after the strong experiences of week 20 (see my post: fear really made me sick…).

I decided to go away alone, because I know that with the kids I could not keep the silence…they are always calling me, asking thinks…impossible.

Something strange happened this week: on Wednesday, I lost my voice. I could not teach yoga anymore. It is an interesting sign for me that I have to rest a bit and especially to be careful on how much I tend to use my voice and dissipate my energy. Time to recharge! I will relate about the experience of Silence in my next post. Stay tuned!


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Author: Chiara Capello

Passionate Yoga teacher, painter and lawyer, what a mix!!


  1. I’m so impressed that you took action and jumped on the silence assignment. I’ve really enjoyed being on this journey with you, Chiara! And fortunately for us, it is just the beginning! I hope we can stay in touch.
    Suzanne recently posted…Week 24 – Commencement and the person I am becomingMy Profile

  2. it looks like a wonderful place to find peace and quiet!

  3. Nice is an amazing city. The last time I went I loved it too. Looking forward to hear your experiences and silent adventure. Love and gratitude to all X

  4. Looking forward to reading about your experience.
    Jean recently posted…Week 22A – Spiritual SeedsMy Profile

  5. This is so amazing that you combined your DMP and your days in silence, it is just perfect. I believe that when we do what is right the universe is on our side and helps us with cheap tickets and babysitters. I experienced this every time I did what I was supposed to do. I am so happy for you that you did this, it is just beautiful.
    Liane Hack recently posted…Week 22: Healing from withinMy Profile

    • Really amazing!! This was really a nice opportunity for me. In my next post, I will talk about it..if I can (sometimes, it is just difficult to describe feelings..). Thank you for your nice comment.

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