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Yoga teacher and Visual Artist in Brussels

Overwhelmed Week 15


This week has being exceptional. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude, happiness, joy, laughter, positive emotions of any kind. I am in the first week of 2017 and it really looks like a promising year for me. I can say that magic happens and in the most misterious way. Why am I so excited? This week I focused on the virtue of courage and I found myself doing something I could never ever imagine in my entire life I could dare to do. I feel so proud of myself and confident in my capabilities (this is also a great achievement in itself, hihi). What is so beautiful in all this, it’s that what I achieved is linked to my DMP (my definite major purpose) and more particularly to my need for recognition for creative expression. So, it has to do with Art, but I can not reveal that to all of you, readers, for now, because it is still a secret project…

I love this quote from Maria Lai, an italian painter: “Play is the Art of children and Art is the Play of adults”. So, I am officially playing and I love it so much, but I know that I need the virtue of courage to keep going and to be fully satisfied with my art work. So, wish me luck and may the force be with me:)


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Author: Chiara Capello

Passionate Yoga teacher, painter and lawyer, what a mix!!


  1. Yeah, it will happen!! I mean it’s ALREADY happening!! 🙂 every step towards your DMP is one part of your journey of DMP… I’m so happy for you! Enjoy every moment! 😀

  2. Glad to be reading you for the next five weeks. I enjoy your style.

  3. In bocca al lupo!May the Force be with you 😉

  4. Sounds wonderful!! I am also an artist, and am excited to hear what happens in your future!

  5. The force is already within you! Between yoga teaching I am working in art gallery Brussels…we should talk and see if and how I can help you : )

  6. Good luck ! 😉 and thanks for sharing. Om.

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