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Interesting June infos


Hello dear yogis,

Just a bit of infos and news for June. I would like to stress the importance of a regular meditation practice to live a more serene life and to take good decisions, when we are challenged and we do not know what is the best choice for us. My advice: start meditating today! Make it an habit. The same with your yoga practice: set it as a PRIORITY in your calendar, otherwise something will get in the was and you will end up going once per month, which is certainly not enough to make progress. Remember, it is better to practice yoga and, or meditation 30 minutes every day instead of 2 hours once per month.

To take my meditation course, watch the intro video and go to:

I take this opportunity also to announce that on 24 June, at Bois de la Cambre, there will be the Brussels yoga day and I will be teaching the Yin Yoga atelier there in the afternoon.

For inscriptions click here:


Enjoy  the sunshine!

Om shanti.

Fish pose


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