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Here we go! Week 2


Here we go!!! This week I see that there is a lot of enthusiasm around me. That is only the beginning of an amazing journey of self discovery. The members are sending their revised DMPs (Definite Major Purpose) and there is a lot of improvement. I know also that feeling of being overwhelmed by all the readings and challenges of the Masterkey course, but it is only temporary and it is for our own good (what a conforting thought!).

I want to share with you something that stayed in my head during the week: in our society of consumerism, we all tend to look for quick fix, microwave solutions. I see that also in my job as a yoga teacher: people want a posture to fix a sore joint, a posture for this, a posture for that. We have to understand that yoga is mainly preventive and also that we need to practice it every single day, if we want to improve or achieve something. This involves a good amount of self discipline. Are we willing to give that effort?We all want an efficient body, perfect health, but are we willing to give the effort to achieve that? The same happens to our dreams: are we ready to committ every day, to advance a bit toward our goals?

Another thought I would like to share here: my yoga teacher Yogi Hari told me once that if we want to find water under the soil, we need to dig one single hole deep, not many shallow holes! This links to dispersion of energy. We need to focus more toward our goals and what really matter to us. In the yoga world, I see that dispersion, because the practitioners go to some studios that offer all kind of different sort of yoga and they practice a bit of this a bit of that, without really mastering anything. So, my advice is: first listen to your heart and choose what fits you and then GO FOR IT! No distractions allowed!

Have a great week!


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