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Dig deeper Week 5


I am travelling this week. This is not a surprise, since I discovered that I love visiting new places…I also have to escape the grey sky in Belgium and I need to reconnect with the warmth and light of my country, Italy. This is the destiny of someone who decided to expatriate, years ago and now lives split in two parts: the italian one, with family of origin and old friends there and the belgian one, where my work is, with the family and friends I created here.

Every day I meditate 15 minutes, since 2 years, when I started the Masterkey experience and I see the value of that habit: I dig deeper and deeper into mysef. Practicing positive thinking, gratitude and no opinions is completing the new framework of my life. Actually, I discover many things about myself and especially, I am detached from the useless thoughts of my mind. I do not believe any thought anymore, like in the past. Believing the mind, only leads to more confusion. I listen to my heart, by silencing the mind. I trust and follow my intuition. Heart and intuition never fail, the mind does…

I wish you all nice All Saints holidays!

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Author: Chiara Capello

Passionate Yoga teacher, painter and lawyer, what a mix!!

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