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Clouds in the sky Weeks 6 and 7


Last week, I was on holidays and it is always nice to have free time to let our busy mind relax a bit. New fresh thoughts keep pouring in! My vision for the future gets more focus and attention, when I eliminate those useless spam thoughts..Even more, since I started (again) my mental diet 😉

Therefore, I am grateful for those precious moments, where I can just “be”. Looking at the sky, following the clouds passing by, as I did in the childhood (this was something I loved to do). This is also a powerful metaphore for the mind and the thoughts, that I use a lot during my meditation and yoga time: with the eyes closed, I focus and then I observe my thoughts passing by. I let them pass like clouds in the sky, and focus again. Then, I do not give energy to them, or they will get me out of the meditative state. By doing this, I apply especially one of the 7 laws of the mind: the law of relaxation, that help us access our inner power, our True Self.

So, my advice this week: find some time to simply look at the sky and let go…then see what happens!

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Author: Chiara Capello

Passionate Yoga teacher, painter and lawyer, what a mix!!

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