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Busy Week 4


I am feeling very busy this week. I try to cope with all my daily tasks, but the more I run after them, the more they seem to come back to me. Again, I see that I am running after the clock, instead of following my heart’s desires and using the compass!

So, my energy goes low. Maybe it is also this period of the year, when we get less light here up North. The struggle is real: taking care of my own dharma and at the same time nurturing the DMPs of my tribe members. The day is made of 24 hours…I hope to find a good balance in helping others and in helping me. Often, I am so devoted to others that I forget about myself (I am also a mother…). I know that this is not beneficial to me and in the long run also to others. Anyhow, this was my main concern during this week.

I am happy to see all the new member of the Masterkey experience, they are so enthusiastic and doing such a great work! I am so proud of being a guide for that programme.



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Author: Chiara Capello

Passionate Yoga teacher, painter and lawyer, what a mix!!


  1. Wow, you are a mix! It sounds like a great balance though! I appreciate your blog entry. I can absolutely relate this week! I’ve been focused on completing a number of things, and too quickly get to the end of each day; knowing I’ve accomplished a lot but equally feeling I have so much more left to do! Following that compass far exceeds the nagging tick-tock of the clock. I like following the inspiration of direction and not the nagging second, minute and hourly hands!

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